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  • Have a serious love of horses and horse racing.
  • Unquestionably want to win and be a part of the unique excitement which that delivers.
  • See horses and winning as being more important that the mere glitz, glamour and socializing of racing.
  • Will want to know precisely what their horse is doing, how it is being trained and how it is currently performing.
  • Expect their trainer to be personally working with their horse and to be able to report, equally personally, on its ongoing development and performance.
  • Want to enjoy the experiences and excitement of ownership by working with a totally down to earth team of training fanatics who are only too delighted to keep them fully informed and involved.

Our Stables themselves opened in 2004, these especially designed facilities deliver utmost safety, superior cleanliness and, overall, a level of highly superior care. There is also no coincidence that you will find the Stables at Australia’s picturesque Warwick Farm near Sydney. A venue selected by Greg Hickman because of its quiet and safe locale and because of the vastly superior range of training options that “The Farm” offers over and above its city alternatives.

There are, for example, nearby track rides away from the racecourse itself, with these:

  • Adding significant and important variety to any training regime.
  • Providing unique facilities that can be used to address an individual horse’s specific training requirements.
  • Lending themselves to tailor-made work with younger horses that may need some specific attention in their early track days.

With its unmatched focus on “communicating with owners”, Hickman Racing has also been a pioneer and continues to move with technology to create a updated and improved website.

Trainer/Owner Agreement

The new Rules of Racing known as the Trainer and Owner Reforms (TOR Rules) apply from August 1, 2017. Under the TOR rules, a trainer must have a Training Agreement, (otherwise the terms of the TOR’s Standard Training Agreement will be deemed to apply) and provide you with a Fee Notice.

A copy of our new NSW Trainers Association endorsed Training Agreement and Fees Notice, which will apply from 1 August 2017, is located on the website

If you as an owner of the horse are the Manager of a Co-Ownership Arrangement, you are required by the TOR rules to provide the other Co-Owners with a copy of our Training Agreement and Fees Notice within 5 days of receiving the fees notice.

Please note that horse Owners – unless they have their own agreement – will be deemed to be bound by the new Racing Australia Co-Ownership Agreement.



8 Manning Street, Warwick Farm, NSW 2170 Australia


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