Our Facilities

Greg Hickman Racing Stables delivers a personalized approach to horse training.

Each horse receives dedicated, individual attention so that it has every opportunity to reach its full potential. Greg is ably assisted by a team of experienced and devoted staff.

Owners are invited to be part of the team and are welcome to come watch their horse work, participate in barrier trials and jump outs.

Warwick Farm Stable Facilities
Greg Hickman Racing stables provides spacious, modern housing for 26 horses.

The stable complex was completed in 2004. Each stall measures 3.7 x 4.8metres.

The stables are well insulated and air circulation was a major consideration in the construction.

An 8 horse undercover walking machine is located within the complex. It has a solid concrete with a new rubber floor.

Greg and Erika reside next to the stable which means that the horses are under his watchful eye, 24/7.

On-Course Facilities
Warwick Farm Racecourse in Sydney is one of Australia's premier training centres with world class facilities.

Warwick Farm in Australia is set on 380 acres. There are 5 different tracks for training including grass and sand.

Additionally there is a equine pool for daily use. Weigh scales are also provided.

Warwick Farm has a jump out track, which provides safe instruction & education for barrier training.

The Bullring is a sand track for conditioning work away from the main course adding to the variety of facilities at Warwick Farm Racecourse.

The tie-up stalls used in morning work are located on course facing the track a further education for race day.

Rileys Riding Tracks have been replaced by sand tracks at the Polo field.
There is also a River Ride using the natural ground surface.

These tracks provide a diversion from the possible routine of daily stable life often found at other training facilities.

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